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I am Shayan


Computer Science and Engineering,
University of Nevada-Reno, Honors College

Motivated & Motivator

Highly Skilled and Experienced in
Project Management and Team Leadership

Excited Navigator

Passionate about
People, Technology, Business, and Entrepreneurship

My Projects

Here are highlights of some projects I have worked on in my field of study


Won 1st place in Association for Computing Machinery, Biggest Little Hackathon 2023.
iPwn is an interactive game of laser tag played on the users' personal phones, made possible by Multipeer Connectivity and Core Machine Learning.

Phone Scan

Won 1st place in Association for Computing Machinery, Biggest Little Hackathon 2022.
Phone Scan was my first project that used elements of software engineering, programming, and computer science outside of what I was taught in the classroom.
Phone scan is a machine learning model that is able to identify different phones in a picture with high accuracy.

Big Data and Time Travel to Visualize Global Volcanism

The goal for this project is building an open-source tool to investigate the relationship between global volcanism and tectonic evolution. I was awarded a research grant from University of Nevada Reno to work with Dr. Wenrong Cao on his project. During my time working with Dr. Cao I learned how to apply my Computer Science and Math skills to Geological Sciences and Engineering.

Pack Health

Pack Health was a collaborative effort among students and the Digital Wolf Pack Initiative program to create a community resources and mental health application for the student body at the University of Nevada, Reno

My Experiences

Here are highlights of some experiences I have working on different things

The Honors College at University of Nevada, Reno

I serve as the Associate Coordinator of Marketing, Publicity, and Outreach for The Honors College at UNR. My duties are to oversee our enrollment management procedure, strategically set and achieve goals and objectives, and manage a group of more than 20 volunteers. I also plan and execute large scale events.

National Collegiate Honors Council

I server on the Board of Directors of the National Collegiate Honors Council. NCHC is a 501(c)(3) non profit that is the primary oversight and creditor organization for Honors colleges and programs across the United States.
I was elected to the board in 2022 on a two year term with the most amount votes than other candidates.

Association for Computing Machinery

I am a member of my local Association for Computing Machinery chapter. I have won two hackathons with my team in 2022 and 2023, we are aiming for a third win in 2024!

Digital Wolf Pack Initiative

The Digital Wolf Pack Initiative, which is the collaborative effort between Apple at UNR to bring the digital gap among students. Here, among with a diverse team, we create lessons and teach skills such as coding and Keynote on iPads to students.


I co-founded 3peeps where we create awesome apps and digital products!

Entrepreneurship Club

I am a member of the Entrepreneurship Club on my campus. The club has helped me connect with the Reno entrepreneurship and start up scene. I am currently enrolled in High-Tech Entrepreneurship and have participated in the Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition.

My Story

I am a first generation American. I received an Associates Degree before graduating high school, just two years after immigrating to the United States. I have a strong passion for helping and motivating people. I thrive when I work with teams and when I am able to be a part of something collaborative. I am very intrigued with computers and problem solving and work on multiple programming projects.

Public Speaking is my strong suit, I have presented at conferences, and professional environments, and I was a choir conductor for 3 year as a teenager. I have been writing and performing spoken word since I was 7 years old. I am a soccer player and swimmer and recently I have been taking lessons in Boxing and playing tons of Volleyball.


Nevada Undergraduate Research Award Grant
Pack Research Experience Program Grant
Presidential Scholar
MGM International Scholar